Why use a dedicated specialist Garden Machinery Dealer

Saturday, 25 March 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Why use a dedicated specialist Garden Machinery Dealer

BAGMA the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association for specialist dealers has been in existence since it was founded in 1917.
It is not clear when the first dedicated garden machinery dealer started but the fact that the association reached it's centenary year in 2017 speaks volumes for the resilience of the specialist garden machinery industry and the network of specialist dealers that exists today.
Specialist Dealerships sprouted all over the UK charged with the sales and service of lawnmowers and associated garden machinery, currently there are over 1500 specialists nationwide all of whom offer an array of machinery supplied by the many manufacturers offering a fantastic diversed range.
The word 'specialist' to some can mean 'expensive' but Garden Trader selected specialists are highly competitive along with giving free advice and after sales back up second to none.
A lawnmower to many 'only cuts grass'! Well that may be true but there is a lot more to the product than meets the eye. Petrol and diesel engines used on garden machines work on the same principle as car engines and use similar components so an engineer employed by a specialist garden machinery dealer needs the same level of training and expertise to service and repair them. Good 2 stroke engineers are in very high demand for repairing, servicing and setting up engines fitted to chainsaws and brushcutters!
When making the decision on where and how to buy your garden tractor, lawnmower, strimmer, hedge-cutter, leaf blower, chainsaw or other garden equipment, think about the advice you need and that all important after-sales service. For example, if you are thinking of buying a lawn mower from a non-machinery specialist like a multiple DIY store or garden centre, you probably won't receive any educated advice so you may end up choosing the wrong product for you from their often limited selections.
If you decide to buy online remember that your product will most likely need assembling when it arrives in a box and there won’t be anyone to give you specialist advice on how to set it up for optimum performance.
A specialist garden machinery dealer will only sell you a machine that they believe is a quality product – they will always pre delivery inspect (PDI) your machine, assemble and service it free of charge so it's ready to use immediately. Also, appointed dealers are qualified to carry out any post sales issues on behalf of the manufacturer.
A Garden Trader dealer is also qualified to give you sound advice and is always available if you are not 100% happy or have any further questions or requirements.

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