Buying a walk behind lawnmower

Sunday, 16 April 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Buying a walk behind lawnmower

The following is a guide to the many types of walk behind lawnmowers available from push type engineless machines up to large petrol or diesel driven commercial units with large cutter decks.
The general size of cut requirement for most home owners range from a 12” (30cm) up to 22”(56cm) cut depending on the size of lawn and cutting conditions.
The most popular Mains Electric mowers come in 12” 13” 15” and 16” cut for small lawns that are cut regulary and petrol driven mowers start at 16” cut up to 22” for domestic use. Cordless battery mowers are becoming very popular and they start at 13” steadily going up in size to 15” 16” 18” and 20” cut.
Small mains electric and Cordless mowers are normally push type and are extremely light and manoeuvrable for use on very small lawns. Some have an integral rear roller to give stripes on the lawn, they normally include a grass collector and in a few cases a mulching plug is supplied for use in dry summer conditions.
Bigger cordless mowers can be self propelled and some will perform just as well as there petrol counterparts, cutting rough areas with wet grass up to 6” high; they are easy to use, low cost to maintain and cheap to run.
Petrol driven mowers remain very popular although the traditional models with cylinder cut for smooth lawns are now much less evident due to the rise of the rotary blade machine which covers most of the requirements for todays British lawns and overgrown areas and cost much less to maintain. There is a choice of 4 wheel models for cutting lawns and rougher areas, roller mower types for giving the traditional stripes; both types come as push or self propelled, a choice of powerful petrol engines, good size grass collectors in either plastic or cloth, handles that fold down for easy storage plus extended warranties for peace of mind.
The choice is yours! As stated at the beginning, it is highly recommended that you take the advice of a specialist garden machinery dealer most of whom have many years of experience and retain a high degree of knowledge of all of the feature benefits of a broad range of grass cutting machines and the conditions in which they are used.
Remember, it is always best to consult your local dealer who will give you professional advice on the size and type of machine you need.

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