Buying a Chipper Shredder

Saturday, 01 April 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Buying a Chipper Shredder

Are you thinking to buy a Chipper and/or Shredder?
Clearing up garden waste and giving a general health check to trees can be tedious after pruning the trees and bushes plus raking up the fallen leaves in the Autumn and early Spring.
It is important not to allow fallen leaves to remain on the lawn. A bed of leaves attracts pests and stops the important light that grass needs which can invariably cause other problems through lack of nutrients.
To make life much easier you may consider mechanising the chore with a chipper/shredder or just a shredder.
A garden shredder will easily deal with leaves; hedge and grass clippings and small twigs while a garden chipper/shredder will be equipped to also deal with larger branches and other woody material.
Garden chippers and shredders reduce garden waste to small manageable particles for easy disposal as well as creating material for compost or making mulch.
Save time and money plus keep your garden healthy.
What does a Chipper Shredder or Shredder do?
Chipper Shredders are designed to carry out a host of chores around the garden or grounds of domestic houses or estates. They will break down all types of garden waste with small versions shredding leaves and grass and larger types that chip and shred twigs and tree branches recycling the waste into mulch or compost.
Garden chippers and shredders certainly make life much easier and there is a vast choice of models and types to suit most applications and price aspirations.
How does it work?
Most chipper shredders have two input chutes, a small one for chipping twigs/branches and the other larger opening for shredding leaves, garden waste etc.
Some have rotating blades that spin cut the material, others with cogs that squeeze the material and some with blades and flail hammers that pull the materials down into the bottom of the chute into a collector box or straight on to the ground.
Each system breaks down the shredded or chipped materials into fine manageable mulch and chippings for use on paths, plant beds, borders etc.
Choosing a Chipper Shredder
Electric or Petrol? It depends on the size of your property and the quantity of bushes, hedges, trees etc that you have and the size of the material to be shredded or made into chippings.
Most domestic users with average size gardens would probably choose emission free electric powered chipper shredders providing mains electric connection is conveniently placed close to where the work is to be carried out. Electric machines are ideal for shredding leaves, grass clippings and small twigs or branches from 30mm (1.18") up to 40mm (1.5") in diameter.
If it is necessary to take the machine to a job more than 20 meters from the nearest mains electric outlet then a portable, petrol driven chipper shredder would be more suited especially if you have a large property with lots of material to be shredded and chipping tree branches is desireable. Petrol Chippers or Shredders are capable of dealing with materials from 40 mm (1.5") up to 60mm (2.3") or more.
Of course if you have a country estate with lots of trees you may wish to consider a large towable and versatile chipper shredder capable of chipping timber up to 100mm (4").

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