Thursday, 11 January 2018 | Local Dealer Expert
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Bosch Home and Garden have launched the EasyCut 12, an all-purpose compact and cordless multi-saw.
The company says the product, which was a finalist in this year’s RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year competition, can cut through branches, and wood with ultimate precision.
The tool runs with minimal vibration. It features a NanoBlade which benefits from a self-tensioning chain, that requires no oil lubrication. This unique technology is a tiny saw blade with a revolving micro-chain, which boasts 44 teeth for a 65mm cutting depth.
Andrew Booth, Brand Director DIY at Bosch said, “It’s the world’s first saw of its kind, with over 40 patents on the blade alone. This clearly demonstrates Bosch‘s continued commitment to innovation, and constantly pushing the boundaries of technology in its Home and Garden products.
“Weighing only 900 grams, we are really proud to launch this portable and versatile mini saw.”
Equipped with Lithium-ion technology, the EasyCut 12 is the latest addition to the 12V ‘Power for ALL’ family meaning that its 12V battery can be used on a range of 12V Bosch Home and Garden tools.

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