Thursday, 11 January 2018 | Local Dealer Expert
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Cub Cadet offers a range of mowers with a 4-in-1 grass clippings discharge solution.
A grass bag can be attached to collect the grass clippings at the back, which can then be used to compost or to be applied to borders as a mulch.
Alternatively, the bag can be removed so that the clippings are simply discharged in a fine layer out of the back.
Thirdly, a side deflector (supplied as standard) can be attached to convert the mower into a side discharge machine.
The cuttings are dispersed into rows which can either be raked up, or left to dry out in the sun.
The forth function is the mulching option. When converted into mulching machines, mowers benefit lawns by recycling grass clippings, cutting and recutting them into tiny particles, which are then blown downwards into the sward.
Cub Cadet say they have four 4-in-1 lawnmowers within its Force Series; the LM3 CR46s, LM3 CR53s, LM3 DR53es and the LM3 ER53. All of these models feature high wheels for manoeuvrability and to allow them to drive over lush grass and uneven terrain with ease.
When using the collect option, three of the mowers have hard top bags with fill indicators, whilst the LM3 ER53 has a 70l soft bag.

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