Toro Introduces New TimeMaster®

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Toro Introduces New TimeMaster®

Launching this summer, the two new models feature Briggs & Stratton engines and will be available with either recoil or electric start options.

These mowers are perfectly suited to homeowners with a large lawn, as the 76cm cutting width covers more ground than smaller mowers and may reduce mowing time by as much as 40%*. Both models  feature the Automatic Drive System with traction assist. This automatically adjusts the mower’s pace to the walking speed of the user and assists with maintaining a constant speed even when used on more challenging terrain. The Quick Stow handle-bar stores vertically for easy compact storage and adjusts to ensure a comfortable mowing experience for any operator.  

Continuing with the ease of use, the TimeMaster®  adopts a blade brake clutch (BBC), allowing users to stop the cutter blade while the engine is running as they travel over non-grassed areas or are emptying the bag. Users are also able to easily adjust the cutting height using two easy-to-use levers, adjusting the front and rear axles independently.  

The new models provide a cleaner cut as they have a re-designed blade for improved collection. A Dual-Force™ cutting system also helps maintain a healthier lawn, by repeatedly chopping the grass clippings into tiny pieces and returning them back into the lawn to provide nutrients and moisture to the soil.  

Christopher Cooper, Product Marketing Manager from Toro said: “The launch of the new TimeMaster® models demonstrates the continued innovation we offer at Toro. We are consistently reviewing all our products to ensure our customers get the best and most current technology. The latest models offer new and improved functionality, but remain easy to use and maintain high quality turf conditions.”  

*Time savings as compared with 21” Toro® mower.  Will vary with mowing conditions.