The Chainsaw Atrocity

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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The Chainsaw Atrocity
It starts here. This is reality and the scene is the hand held machinery shelves in a DIY or COUNTRY STORE. The chainsaw range all piled up in boxes ready to be loaded into the cart and taken home. There are a couple of sample machines built up and looking ready to use, until further inspection that is!
Oh! The chain has been put on the wrong way round, it hasn’t been tensioned properly and by the way the side plate bolts haven’t been tightened properly either. That's before the engine has been run up and adjusted to the maximum performance.
Buyers don't ask any questions, no point, whoever built the saws doesn't have a clue and neither it would seem would any of his or her training ….no interest, suspected reasons.
So, take it home, remove it from the lovely box with lovely pictures and set to put it together, should be easy, no need to look at the instructions, it was pretty clear on the one in the store. OK, ready to use, got to put oil in the chain oiler, where's that? None in the box!! Ah, need some petrol mixture, none of that either. OK, so a trip to the local garage, they'll have some…..NOT! OK, so back to the DIY store, get it there. Job done!
Ready to go, oiled up and fuel mix in. First, cut off the 'log' and it won't go through, that's odd seems really sharp, keep running it it's sure to come good..whoops the chain has come off...whys that? Ah well, back to the DIY store, get them to sort it out, yep, a new chainsaw, that's the answer!! Meanwhile, unbeknown to the user his life is in danger as neither he or the store have a clue, no safety equipment, no training, potential no limbs or even death at a stroke that takes a split second.
If you think this is bad, it gets much worse as you can buy these 'LETHAL WEAPONS' on the internet too, and that's without seeing them built up!!!
Even the most experienced user can have an accident, however, they have been trained to take every safety precaution, how to climb trees, how to fell trees, how to take off branches, how to cut up logs, how to sharpen and maintain their chainsaw and most importantly how to respect this most lethal piece of equipment.
When are the authorities going to wake up to this atrocity? It's alright having all these EU regulations on emissions etc on chainsaws, how about some regulations on how they are sold, who sells them and to whom??
Anybody using a chainsaw should be trained and licenced, anybody selling a chainsaw should be trained and licenced!