The benefits of gardening

Thursday, 22 June 2017 | Gardener Expert
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The benefits of gardening
Not only can planting bulbs, digging trenches and pruning roses vastly improve your physical health, but it can also improve mental health too. There have been many studies undertaken to prove this theory, one such study has found that 88% of people find that mental wellbeing is a key benefit for spending time in the garden.
I myself, get much pleasure in being active in the garden, there is never a day/week that goes by when something needs doing, lawns need constant mowing, formal hedges need cutting, shrubs and borders need weeding and flowers need watering.
However, there comes a time when we need to take a step back and see how we can improve and enhance the garden with some new fresh planting material.
Planting trees, hedges and shrubs should not be looked at in terms of being a chore, or that it may be too expensive. Planting trees and hedges is about leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.
Many factors must be taken in to consideration when planting new material, first of all and prior to any planting, think carefully what you are trying to achieve:
- Screening
- Wind break
- Noise barrier
- Demarcation of perimeters
- Decorative and/or ornamental
- To control livestock
- To control soil erosion
The choice of planting material will need to be carefully considered. Should it be a single species, deciduous or evergreen, or a mixture? Should they be flowering or non-flowering, thorny or smooth barked?
It is also important to choose the right plant for the right place; the topography and environmental factors of the site will dictate what can be planted and where.
- Ground conditions; is it wet, dry, free draining? Can the selected species thrive in the local soil?
- Height; will the tree have the chance to mature?
- Canopy spread; how wide will the tree grow?
- Is the tree deciduous or coniferous? Will leaf drop be a factor in the winter?
- Form or shape. A columnar tree will grow in less space. Round and V-shaped species provide the most shade
- Growth rate; how long will it take for your tree to reach its full height? Slow growing species typically live longer than fast growing species
- Soil, sun, and moisture requirements
- Access for maintenance
The condition and age of the plant material is vitally important in terms of dictating both the successful establishment and how quickly you want the hedge or tree to achieve its objective.
We in this country have a fantastic array of garden centres, that can provide us with a wealth of plant material to suit our needs.
Next time you are out and about go and visit your local garden centre and get inspired and take the opportunity to buy some new plants for your garden.
Remember our gardens have an important role to play in supporting our needs both in a physical and mental capacity along with providing a wonderful wild life corridor for a vast majority of our birds, insects and mammals.