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As you prepare to put your lawnmower or tractor into storage over winter, there are, according to Phil Noble, Field Sales and Technical Manager for Cub Cadet UK, a few easy steps to take to ensure that your petrol-powered equipment is ready for action when your grass needs its next cut.

The best thing you can do for your mower is to take it to an authorised dealer, as they will be able to carry out an end of season service, ensuring the machine is in the best possible condition, much like a car MOT. If this is not possible, the following tips will cover most bases.

1. Clean your mower
Brush off leaves, grass and mud from your mower. Always remove the spark plug lead wire from the plug before doing this or any other mower maintenance, and tape or tie it out of the way. To remove dirt from the underside of the machine, tilt it backward. If the machine is tilted sideways oil may enter the air filter or the exhaust, with the risk of damage occurring. If debris is caught on the blade, use a stick or tool to remove it - never use your hands. Ensure there is no grass in the cooling fins or exhaust area, as this could be a fire hazard.

2. Check petrol levels
You should not store your lawn equipment with a partially full fuel tank. To prevent corrosion, either use fuel stabilizer in a full tank of petrol or, even better, run the equipment out of fuel. If you are using fuel stabilizer make sure that you run the mower for a few minutes so that the stabilizer circulates through the carburettor. It is also not advisable to store petrol in a petrol can, as this can go stale and will not work when you come to use it in the spring.

3. Check the oil level
It's important to check the oil level before the winter break too, with the oil level being topped right up. If necessary, an oil change should be carried out or assistance may be requested from your dealer.

4. Final checks
Check that the mowing blade is undamaged before putting your mower away for winter. If there are any cracks or notches in it, get it replaced now, so that you are ready for your first mow as soon as the weather allows. If the blade is intact, it is still a good idea to remove and sharpen it.

5. Store in a dry place
Store your mower in a dry, protected place such as your garage or a garden shed. Never store it next to a water heater or appliance with a pilot light.

Your lawn mower serves you well throughout the mowing season, so now is the time to give it the attention it deserves. Spend just a little time prepping your mower for storage over the winter, and you’ll enjoy a happier reunion in spring.

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