Thursday, 05 October 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Makita continues to expand its cordless tool range, designed for the grounds maintenance industry, while at the same time introducing more new technical functions such as the latest Automatic Torque Drive Technology, ADT.

The new Makita DUR187 18v LXT linetrimmer has a 240watt output brushless motor in the trimmer head, providing capacity to run the head at three selectable speed settings up to 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000rpm. Speed selection is by a button on the control panel in front of the variable speed control trigger which has a lock-off facility.

The company says having the motor at the drive head improves the balance of the machine and eliminates the loss of power through the traditional drive shaft where the motor is at the operator end of the machine.

This new Makita cordless linetrimmer features the innovative Automatic Torque Drive Technology, ADT, where the revolutions per minute are automatically increased from between 4,000 and 6,000rpm according to the density of the weeds being cut.

This allows for greater and improved energy saving and lower noise levels.

The lightweight design of the linetrimmer gives an operating weight of 3.4kgs with a comfortable shoulder strap, soft grip handle and forward loop handle for machine control.

A foldable wire guard protects the forward sector of the 300mm cutting circle against plant and hard object damage. Soft start, electric brake and reverse rotation add to the efficiency of the linetrimmer, which is only available as a body-only model.

The new two-piece linetrimmer is suitable for operators who need to transport equipment in smaller vehicles.

The two-section shaft and split-drive shaft simply slot together and are locked with a single action clasp.

Slightly heavier than the DUR187 at 4.1kg, this machine has the same quality attributes with high power output and longer run-time.