Thursday, 22 March 2018 | Local Dealer Expert
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Husqvarna is moving into the world of pressure washers, with four new products coming to the UK in 2018.
The products will range in specifications and price, with 100, 200, 300 and 400 Series models being launched. The range is designed to target occasional domestic use through to part-time use, and capitalises on a popular market segment. Husqvarna says the move into high pressure washers reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the authorised Husqvarna dealer network a solution for all aspects of outdoor maintenance.
The new range includes four new products: the PW125, PW235R, PW350 and PW450, with different levels of pressure and additional features on the more advanced models.

Every product in the range has a number of features and benefits as standard:

- A long and flexible hose enables a large working area for fast cleaning with less movement of the machine.

- Swivel coupling prevents hose tangling, adds comfort and makes it easier to store.

- A metal pump is fitted to increase reliability and for a long lifetime of the machine.

- Quick connect allows for fast set-up and lets you change accessories with ease.

- Lightweight with on board storage for accessories, power cord and pressure hose and wheels allowing easy manoeuvrability when using the machine and effective, compact storage.

The company says this means a range of products that are high-performing with maximum pressure, precision and minimal water use, for improved efficiency.
There is also a full range of easily interchangeable accessories such as a foam sprayer, rotating brushes and surface cleaners.
The more advanced models have added features such as: inbuilt detergent compartments, remote pressure controls and induction motors.