Wednesday, 31 May 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Following the launch of the Pellenc Rasion Basic and Smart models in 2015, the company has announced the latest pedestrian rotary mower in the range: the Pellenc Rasion Easy.

The Rasion Easy is a combination of the previous two models as Etesia UK Operations Director Les Malin explains: “We found that the manual operation of the Rasion Basic has been more appropriate to commercial operators yet they also liked the self-propelled element of the Rasion Smart. For this reason,Pellenc has launched the Rasion Easy – a combination from both of the previous models.”

The Rasion Easy has an IP54 water rating, which as time goes on will be the standard through the rest of the Pellenc tool range, and features a grass density detector – a patented feature exclusive to Pellenc which allows the mower to detect the height and density of the grass and change the engine speed accordingly. This saves power as operators do not have to run the machine under full-load unnecessarily.A cutting width of 60cm with height of cut between 25-75mm, 70L grass box capacity and two front swivel wheels ensure that the Rasion Easy is ultra-manoeuvrable. Weighing less than 30kg and folding handlebars aids transportation between sites.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three-year commercial warranty as standard.