Wednesday, 24 May 2017 | Local Dealer Expert
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Viking says the MR4082 mows lawns of up to 4000m2 quickly and comfortably.

The unit has an open design at the front allowing the user to clearly see the mowing area. Compact in design and with a small turning radius of 70cm, the MR 4082 features a steel mowing deck offering a cutting width of 80cm.

Powered by a VIKING EVC 4000 motor which boasts 16% more power compared with the previous model, it features a 6.5L fuel tank.

The ride-on mower comes with a 250L grass catcher box as standard, incorporating a level indicator that emits an audible signal when the box requires emptying.

Depending on the density, dampness and cutting height of the grass, the gardener can determine the signal threshold for the beep, ensuring that the volume of the grass catcher bag is always utilised effectively.

To empty the grass catcher box the user, without dismounting, pulls the long, ergonomically positioned lever, tipping the catcher upwards.

Due to the excavator-shovel-like shape and smooth floor of the box, the grass clippings will fall out on their own accord.

All the controls are arranged in a clearly laid out control panel. Push the selector lever on the steering wheel forwards and press the pedal to drive forward. Reversing is equally simple by moving the lever backwards. Unique to VIKING, this
intuitive system provides added safety and comfort for the user as the right foot remains on the drive pedal during all manoeuvres. The driving speed can be controlled due to a variable speed hydraulic gearbox.

Activation of the mowing deck is simple. The electromagnetic blade clutch sets the blade in motion at the push of a button. The lever for cutting height adjustment is conveniently located close at hand, right next to the seat.