Monday, 14 May 2018 | Gardener Expert
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At an event at its Newton Aycliffe base recently, Husqvarna announced that its robotic mowers will soon be compatible with the cloud-based voice activation service, Alexa.

Once the integration launches on 1st September this year, homeowners with Husqvarna Automower will be able to start, stop, park and get status-updates from their mower by asking Alexa.

At the launch, the company demonstrated the functions of Just ask Alexa and future Amazon Alexa features for their robotic mowers. The first version will be available in all Automower Connect equipped robotic mowers, including the many thousands of connected Husqvarna robotic mowers already in gardens and parks across the world today.

This first version will be able to take care of the most commonly used commands such as start, stop and park, which the company said will provide an additional way of integrating with the robotic mower, besides the current mobile applications.

“We’ve made our Automower Alexa-compatible, as cloud-based voice services are growing fast”, said Sascha Menges, President of the Husqvarna Division.
“Our customers rightly expect Husqvarna products to be in the forefront, giving them multiple and ever more convenient ways of interacting with the product.”